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Azienda: Quanta Agenzia per il Lavoro SpA
Data annuncio: 22/08/2019
Sede di lavoro: Genova
Quanta Tech is looking for a SPMT Operator for a leading company in the exceptional transport sector.

The SPMT Operator is capable of setting up, operating, inspecting and performing basic
maintenance on computer controlled, self-propelled, modular hydraulic transport trailers.

Required Skills:

-Builds SPMT trailers using basic hand tools to prepare for heavy hauling projects.
-Ensures all components and the SPMT systems as a whole are in good working condition for the transport and lift.
-Troubleshoots any issues seen with the trailers which do not conform to typical, approved Company methods.
-Reports to various work sites, as directed by the SPMT Planner and/or SPMT
-Supervisor on- time and ready operate SPMT equipment or perform assigned duties.
-Has working knowledge of rigging and lashing and is able to perform basic rigging responsibilities.
-Assists with jacking, pumping, carriage, winch and work before, during and after movement;
-Correctly assesses and give attention to space (or lack of space), obstacles present, correct securing of loads;
-Following all HSE-Q (Health, Safety and Environmental - Quality) Standards, including never disabling any safety devices.
-Has basic knowledge of engineering drawings/sketches and is able to ensure that loads, loading methods, load securing and load transport comply with plan.
-Is capable of performing and checking rigging and lashing done on the SPMT and the load, to ensure that the move can be performed safely for personnel, load and equipment.
-Assists in planned disassembly of SPMT’s following operation and assists in preparing SPMT’s for transport or for the next scheduled lift or move.
-Other duties as assigned by HHL Manager or SPMT Rigging Supervisor

Requisiti richiesti:
Education: High School Diploma or equivalent
3-5 years in Heavy Lift / Heavy Transport
1-3 years of SPMT or Equivalent
Safety Training and Certification
Basic knowledge of hydraulic and electrical schematics and basic repairs
Company or Scheuerle/Cometto SPMT Training Course (theoretical
and practical).

Availability to travel in Italy and abroad.
The contractual aspects will be discussed directly with the company.

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