Raw Trax Records showcase al Neo 262 Club

Raw Trax Records showcase in the best underground club in Genova!


RAUWKOST (Amsterdam - NL)



Rather than being a dull side dish, you'll find this raw salad at steamy clubs, sunny festivals, and dusty record stores.
Rauwkost is known for its energetic livesets, comprised of solely self-made productions, ranging from deep energetic grooves to soulful melodies. With Amsterdam as its home base, Rauwkost has played clubs throughout Europe, and beyond. Being associated with thirtyonetwenty, Hey! Records, EC Records, Get Physical, 90watts and Rauwkost Records, a large amount of tracks have been released, and can be heard all-over.
Starting out as a pair in 2007, Floris Regoort and Jasper Löwik quickly rose to become the go-to live act at Dutch clubs and festivals. As their journey kicked off, it didn't take them long to have their first tracks released. And, as international venues also got a whiff of Rauwkost, they soon travelled Europe to play a variety of well-known clubs. In June 2012, however, after having a successful few years together, Jasper decided to focus on other ventures. Rauwkost was now left to Floris, who has been playing and producing solo since. Without losing any of Rauwkost's vigor, Floris has continued to develop its sound and performance, only to remain one of the most compelling live acts around.
Influenced by anything, from daily occurrences to other musicians, Rauwkost is not easily forced into a genre or category, yet has a distinct sound. This sound aims to surprise the crowd and bring a fresh perspective, but still preserve integrity to its fundamental principles: energy, warmth, rawness and variation.

Impianto JBL Professional
Service video-luci by Emotions Service Audio-Luci-Video Tecnologie per lo Spettacolo

COSTO NUOVA TESSERA 2014 :UOMO 12 euro con chupito//
DONNA 10 euro con chupito

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